How to join?

To participate in the XYO Coin Lottery you need to join our facebook group and answer all the questions before your submission can be approved. Please use the link/banner below, it will divert you to our group

Please read the rules very carefully before geodrop any XYO coins.

XYO Coin Lottery Rules


Option 1: Geodrop 100 Coin tokens to the following email address:

Instruction of how to geodrop Coins

How much: pick the amount you would like to geodrop according to the above lottery options

Tile: Any

Restrict to Email: pick one of the email above depends of the geodrop you decided to participate in, for example:

Note: Type your name and email address in other field And click DROP

Please make sure you will geodrop correct amount of Coins to correct email address. If it will be geodropped wrongly, the Coins will be added to the each Lottery option poll. email address is only use for communication purposes. PLEASE DO NOT GEODROP ANY COINS ON THAT EMAIL ADDRESS AS THEY WILL BE LOST

Every week there will be lottery from all of the people participated and 1 person (or 3 people) win the whole pot that has been accumulated during 1 week for each Lottery Option.

  • Week starts at 00:01 Monday Greenwich Time and finish on Sunday 21:00 Greenwich time. Only Coins tokens submitted during that period will be taken into the draw consideration. The draw will take a place every Sunday at 22:00 Greenwich Time and results posted on Facebook Group/website ( and send via email.
  • Please make sure you are typing correct email address (case sensitive) otherwise it won’t be delivered.
  • By taking participation in lottery you agree to GDPR rules and you are giving permission for your name to be displayed in the group to notify about winner.
  • Sending Coins from the same account is allow.
  • Donation towards the draw is allow and more than welcome.
  • Lottery 100 Coins, if the pot is bigger than 2,000 Coins, the pot will be split into 3 winners as follow: 3rd place – 10% of the pot, 2nd place – 20% of the pot, 1st place – 70% of the pot.